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Annual General Meeting

By webmaster, 06/17/20, 9:30PM EDT




Red Circle Hockey Club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) Part II will take place Sunday, July 12 at 10:30 am. Due to the current health guidelines concerning COVID-19, this meeting will take place digitally via Zoom.  Although the meeting is open to paid members and non-paid members alike, only members with memberships paid to date, will have voting rights and the ability to run for a Board position.

To become a member, please download the membership application/renewal from our website, found under League Information,  fill it out and email the completed form to David Dawe, Registrar - David will acknowledge receipt of your membership application by providing instruction for payment of $10 for paid membership.  Member applications will be voted on by the Red Circle Board of Directors (the Board) and membership applicants will be notified of the results via email Sunday, June 21.  One week prior to the AGM, another email will be sent with the Zoom link for the AGM as well as the meeting agenda. If you are interested in serving as director of the Board, you are asked to express that intention with the submission of your membership application.

Upon receiving the email with the AGM Zoom link, please download the necessary app on your chosen device.  It should be noted that Zoom may not work with your browser of choice and you may need to try a different browser.  It is strongly recommended that you choose to attend the meeting on a computer or laptop with a camera.  Please take the time to familiarize yourself with how the Zoom functions work on your chosen device.  Please also consider the following in advance of attending the AGM via Zoom:

  1. Lighting/backdrop – sitting in front of a window, or other source of lighting/reflection is not recommended as it creates glare and makes it difficult for other attendees to see you clearly. Avoid sitting in front of materials/pictures/artwork that could be offensive to others.
  2. Dress appropriately; again, avoid anything that could be offensive to others.  Board members are asked to wear their RC shirts.
  3. Choose a physical place that will have little or no background noise and will be free of interruptions/distractions.
  4. Your zoom label should be changed to your first and last name, so you are clearly identified for voting and minute taking. Board members are asked to include their board position as a part of their label.

The day of the AGM, you are asked to click the Zoom meeting link before the intended start time of 10:30 am.  The meeting host will need to accept your entry to the meeting.  All attendees will be put in “Mute Mode” by the meeting host so that the President of the Board, Jay Mandel may call the meeting to order. Given the nature of the meeting and the digital platform, it is requested that all members respect the meeting agenda and remain on topic.  To address the membership, you will need to use the “Raise Hand” function.  The meeting host will unmute each member with a raised hand in order, thereby allowing only one member to speak at a time. 

Voting new board members will be done by private ballot with each member sending their vote to the voting conveners, Jeremy Hansen and Kellie Davis, through Zoom private chat.  Once all members have cast their votes, a brief reprieve will be taken so that the voting conveners may count the ballots cast.  Results will be announced at that time.

For more information on membership and voting, and business conducted at the AGM, please refer to Red Circle Bylaw#1, Article 7 – Members and Article 8 – Members’ Meetings.